Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    investigation of the effect of ecap on mechanical behavior of micro-nano tubes with mandrell    M.Sc.    elahe sanati    1400/07/05
2    Investigation of the effect of adding clay nanoparticles on corrugated composite sandwich beams under static and fatigue bending load    M.Sc.    Hosein Reyhani    1400/04/16
3    Effect of Vacancy Defects on Mechanical Properties of Nanolayered Cu-Graphene Composites: A Molecular Dynamics Study    M.Sc.    Iman Bayat    1398/12/13
4    Ratcheting behavior analysis of thin-walled stainless steel SS316 pipe Subjected to cyclic internal pressure    M.Sc.    Reza Karimi    1398/11/28
5    Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Ratcheting Behavior on Corroded Steel Elbow Joints    M.Sc.    ABOLFAZL MORADI    1398/09/07
6    Experimental investigation and numerical simulation of hail impact damage mechanisms on composite and composite reinforced nanoparticles sandwich plate    Ph.D    Shokoofeh Dolati    1398/06/31
7    Experimental and numerical analysis of ratcheting phenomenon of SS-304 elbow pipes    M.Sc.    Payam Bazkhanei    1398/04/29
8    Effect of rampdown region on the mechanical strength and failure of foam sandwich panel with composite faces    M.Sc.    hamid babaee kashani    1398/04/26
9    Investigation of the effect of nanotubes and graphene on the residual shear strength of adhesive joints in stainless steel 304    M.Sc.    hasan naji mehr    1398/01/26
10    Optimum fabrication of graphene-epoxy nanocomposite plates, determination of mechanical properties and modal analysis    M.Sc.    Kazem Karimi    1397/08/12
11    Analysis of local and global ratcheting behavior of AISI 1045 steel specimens with cutout    Ph.D    kamal kolasangiani    1397/07/19
12    Structure study and behavior modeling of CNT bundles using a mechanical structure approach    M.Sc.    Davoud Asadollahi    1396/11/30
13    The analysis of tensile and fatigue behavior in resistance spot weldment and hybrid joint of dual phases ferrite-martensite steel    M.Sc.    Hamid Reza Ghanbari    1396/07/25
14    Three-dimensional Analysis of Rolling Contact Fatigue Crack and Life Prediction in Railway Wheels and Rails under Residual Stresses and Wear    Ph.D    Reza Masoudinejad    1396/06/29
15    Buckling analysis and nonlinear response of cracked columns in micro- and nano-scale    Ph.D    majid akbarzadeh khorshidi    1396/06/12
16    Investigating the Influence of Size, Position and Geometry of cutout Around the Crack on Fatigue Crack Growth Using Numerical and Experimental Methods    M.Sc.    Amin Saber    1396/04/21
17    An experimental study on the vibration behavior of multi-scale nanocomposite plates and aerothermoelastic stability analysis subjected to supersonic flow    Ph.D    Seyyed Mehdi Hosseini Farrash    1396/04/10
18    A New Method for Assessment the Ratcheting Behavior of Cylindrical Shells with Cut-off Based on Elastic Follow-up Phenomenon    Ph.D    Hamid Zabihi Ferezqi    1395/11/30
19    Investigation on fatigue strength of ultrafine grained titanum produced by ECAP process    M.Sc.    hamed hiradfar    1395/11/30
20    Non-linear bending and thermo-elastic analysis of FGM disks under asymmetric loads via polynomial differential quadrature method (PDQM) in conjunction with Fourier differential quadrature method (FDQM)    M.Sc.    soroush khosrojerdi    1395/11/27
21    Investigation of Mechanical Behavior of Micro-Nano Structured Commercially Pure Titanium as Implant Materials    Ph.D    Reza Naseri    1395/11/13
22    Size-dependent nonlinear bending analysis of functionally graded microplates by the GDQ method    Ph.D    FARHAD ALINAGHIZADEH    1395/09/29
23    The effect of pre-ratcheting cycles and stress amplitude on fatigue life of Aluminum-2024 weldments    M.Sc.    mohammad amini    1394/12/15
24    fatigue life Evaluation for metals using image processing    M.Sc.    ehsan chabok    1394/12/06
25    numerical and experimetnal analyse of foam filled thin-wall according to damage models    M.Sc.    Vahid Hoseini    1394/12/03
26    Numerical and experimental analysis of parameters affecting the hot single point incremental forming process on Al2024-T3 alloy sheet    M.Sc.    hossein dehghan    1394/11/24